Saturday, 12 April 2014

Bear's Agility Journey Commences in earnest :)

Since Christmas I have started to let Bear learn more agility equipment and the main focus has been poles (weaves) see-saw and the RC concept.  As he is so tiny I was a little daunted, but we thought we needed to start and see where this takes us.  The video shows some snippets of the sessions we have had with the dog-walk.

The 'good decision' approach I use has enabled Bear to have a good attitude and interest in his learning as well as enjoy doing stuff with me. He is getting stronger with his game play as I endeavor to balance the food and toy rewards so that they strengthened his 'up for it' attitude and motivation for agility. Ultimately I think dogs have their own preferences and it is up to us to tap in to what that is rather than dictate what we perceive to be rewarding.  Learning is so hooked up with preferences, styles, relevance, motivation and connection. It has been a great and rewarding experience for me teaching a youngster of my own again, after-all there is a 5 year gap between Zev and Bear.

As Bear starts to grow up it will be interesting to see how his character grows and develops, as he now is truly into his growing up in terms of his character and working out what makes his world work for him, as any mammal would do that lives in a group. Experience tells me you don't really know what your partnership may be until you get passed as I call it the 'terrible oneis!', but really it not terrible just highly amusing and interesting watching him work out how his world works :)