Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Holy smackerel!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy smackerel!!!!!!!!!!!! a whole weekend of an agility show and no rosettes. POW! How will I survive? Easily – my fantastic Rivioli has gone up a gear again whilst moving from one obstacle to the next and she either went too fast for herself and ‘smackelled’ a jump or to fast for me and my cues where way late. BAM! Did not have time to think about giving a cue much less engaging body signals. Rivi was like, zoommmm, ‘come on, your looking this way, we are going, going and cool there is the bucket’ (bucket means lead – lead means cool kong and play which means proper sausages). KAPOW! I am Ha ha’d. But what the heck, she is living up to our song ‘I’m so excited’. I was thrilled when someone came up to me and said, Rivi looked so happy as she had a smiley face on. Why was I thrilled? it tells me Rivi is feeling good and that is why the ‘throttle’ on her has opened up even more. The key to a fantastic agility weekend is sheer enjoyment and thrill of tackling the courses, sure I would have loved to have won, but heck… we are doing another show in a couple of weeks time. And I have already been doing the mental rehearsals to get myself smoother for the Rivioli.

Its all feels a bit surreal typing this, as I realise I just have this week left at work and then I can reclaim by work/life balance. The guys will be well pleased and so will I.

My darling Zev, is getting all grown up and now has the full sheltie coat. Thankfully, the moult master by mikki (great grooming tool) makes like work of it. In some ways Zev is quite grown up and in others really very young. I have finally done the deed and booked him in to have the ‘snip’ in August I feel real mean, and it is always a dilemma but I think it is the right thing to do. At Beacon Training last week, real progress as he could hang around and wait for his turn off leash, I was so proud of him. That is a very hard thing for a busy, whizzy, nosey dog to do. However, we are still going through the ‘debating’ phrase. I guess I should say shouting or barking but that does not convey the communication that is occurring. And I’m sure he is debating with me. It is real nice isn’t it, how their little moments of growing up and their characters make you smile?
p.s Holy, POW, BAM etc, the batman and robin cartoon words, can’t recall anymore, but for some reason they sprung to mind - writing this posting ;-)
p.p.s great tee-shirt from H&M - Rivi's emblem
p.p.p.s Have no idea why I end up p.s'ing

Friday, 24 July 2009

The Climb - great uplifting song

Well a friend told me about this as she said it was so written with me in mind ;-). And I listened and it is totally great uplifting song. Listening to this you feel like you can achieve any 'climb' whether its life or agility or whatever floats your boat and make life rock. Ohhh, yes,......

Good luck to Team GB at the European Open Agility, we rooting for you. Run smooth and Run Clean so go go go Team GB

Note: You tube link is Miley Cyrus - The Climb - Official Music Video (HQ).

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Weardale and changes are a coming.....

Changes are a coming, I did the best thing in the past week. I handed my notice in at work. Weeheee..., I so needed to do it. Texted Marc, and he was so cool about it. Phew, so yes changes are a coming we may head south, or north or stay in the middle. But one thing I know for sure life is too short to waste on things that don’t compliment our lifestyle and work/life balance….
This needless to say has trickled over into my agility/home life the past few weeks and that really was not acceptable. But today, the irritation and frustration has gone, I have a plan.. So me and the Rivioli came first and second today in our jumping classes. My positive me was starting to come back. I have missed that ‘positive me’, being in my happy bubble - having a chat, training, socialising and being with my guys and enjoying life.
Weardale was scary wet on Friday, but it turned into a beautiful sunny weekend. And a really good thing they did was to ask people to help, but only for an hour and to volunteer when you had free time, it seemed to work really well. So many great shows and locations, we sure are lucky. Thank you Weardale.
Oh yes changes are a coming and bring it on :-) my life is back on track.
This photo of Rivi chillin' in the Caravan, really makes me chuckle, what a hard life she has, not!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Congratulations to Olden and Tootie Toots :-)

Well, they gone and done it - Lesley and Toot have qualified for KC Novice Semi by wining the class and as a bonus won a jumping class too at Tuffley. Well you know me guys, I am so thrilled and proud of you both, yes despite the fact that you both have legs that go on forever (makes me groan ;-) ha ha.

Joking aside mega well dones and look forward to cracking open the champagne.

Hey, just reaslised I am getting loads of reasons for drinking lovely bubbles. Keep it up and see you at 'W' to celebrate! x

Sunday, 5 July 2009

My weekend - random moments of life ;-)

♥ Home for the Weekend
♥The see saw arrived – yes this is the start of my plan to amass agility equipment in the garden like Lian
♥Killed a fly that was worrying Rivi – it was the newspaper swat or chemical warfare
♥Realised my co-ordination has improved by killing said fly. To the fly I’m sorry, but Rivi’s well being is paramount.
♥Clipped the guys nails and trimmed feet. The upside to having a weekend off competing is the guys look fabulously groomed. Much to Rivi’s and Big’s delight and Zev’s and Nut’s disappointment Hhmmmmm
♥Decorated hall - oh yes
♥Drank wine – now that is not random – that is so so planned
♥Smiled at the guys enjoying the longer walk along the canal
♥Enjoyed time with Hubby and co
♥Watched tennis
♥Watched Ugly Betty. Last weeks episode was the best ever. Need to download the American girl song. Wondered if there was a version/cover ‘British girl’?, its just so groovy
♥Caught up with blog world
♥Boogied round the garden with the ipod – luv that gadget. Dancing is so good
♥Feel cool as I am now on level 3 of the Precor AMT machine at the gym. Yeah, can feel the core starting to muscle up

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Lansdown - does Big think he is a cat?

Lansdown, one of my favourite shows, it was one of our first shows we did on the agility circuit and although now it is further to travel we still make the trip, fantastic location, great walks, great club and great atmosphere.
Little did I know that Lansdown would provide the setting for a roller coaster of emotions. Yeah I am emotional, but I guess it is better than being repressed!
We start off pretty uneventful, Rivi did some great stuff and her confidence is coming back on the contacts. Certainly this weekend, I was really pleased with the improvement. We still have a way to go, but we are on the way. She has certainly made me think. Normally its show them the obstacle and what is required through a bit of free shaping, maintain or enhance criteria and bang in the reward. Not with my Darlingoli, a whole new approach, thank gosh for Clean Run, I would be lost without it. So we ended up with two 4ths and an 11th not a bad haul for four runs and a very frazzled partner on Sunday.
Then Zev, was measured. Realising he will hopefully do his first show in September, I was panic stations I must get him measured and it must be done right now. Two shows – no measuring, at Landown they did but they were full. However, via the organisers of the show the measurers kindly added me to the list and he was duly measured as a medium. It was really funny as I am out of the room for measuring a little girl who I don’t think she could have been more than ten said a very superior tone “I expect he measured into medium”, the tone without a doubt saying Zev had better not be small. It cracked me up, since I choose Zev, we always expected him to be medium.
Then Saturday night, we thought we would go to the pub, not often we do go out but a quick meal with friends, and you can see the camp site from the pub and others would keep an I on our guys. I don’t like to leave the guys, sad I know. Indeed I was in back by 9ish, having quality time with my guys and then time ticked on, Marc, was taking a long time to come back from his evening stroll. I go outside, Raz, Wings and Tri in the compound, no Marc or Bigs, instantly I knew Big was missing ……sh.t!!!!!!. Threw on clothes, leaded up Rivi and Zev and the search was on. Marc, was frantically texting, tannoy announcement went out and so many wonderful people joined in to help us look. Time was swiftly passing, it was getting darker by the minute. An hour and half later he was found, by Clare Murray, the sobs of relief at my darling Biggles being found, were a tad embarrassing, but it had to have been one of the worst and best times of my life. Little Bigs, not quite so brave and tough as he makes out, was unharmed but shaken up. It showed how wonderful so many people are. Thank you…although thanks see inadequate in relation to sheer effort that was made in assistance and support. Without it, I dread to think what could have been the outcome. Big like a cat has used 2 of his 9 lives, hopefully he won't use any more. Phew some adventures you really just don’t need and this was one of them ;-)

p.s the photo is of Zev and Bigs having one of their favorite games - steal the treasure i.e. Marc's posh walking socks and play tug till they are full of holes!