Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Zev's 1st CC - Weardale - July 2012 :-)

Wow a dream came true on Saturday, for me with my irrepressible Zev. We won our first Challenge Certificate. These are the two qualifying runs.

And what a day I was so overwhelmed I could not quite believe it, we have been so close so nearly there. But Saturday the 21st July 2012 was our day and we did it. This is the final winning round.

In the qualifying rounds we came 2nd in the Jumping and 3rd in the Agility. Qualifying for pole position, and in the final round we came first. Just so so fabulous, I keep watching the videos and think how lucky am I to have Zev, my wild and irrepressible OBay Sheltie and for a dream to come true.

Agility folk were so great in congratulations, the fantastic support from friends on this journey to achieving this goal. I just wanted to run round the ring yelling we did it. I cried into Nutsey's neck good and proper, and the relief of being able to tell him that me and Zev had done it. The elation, the excitement and the wonderment - it is just one of the bestest feelings.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Zev having a good time :-)

Zev having a good time, he is just irrepressible and always finds a way to make me smile. And for some reason despite having a good half acre of grass to run around on.. he chooses the gravel part of the drive to play on!
Zev got the box good and proper...

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Tuffley Part 2..Mister Bigs..Wins his 3rd CC

How proud am I to present Agility ChampionVanitonia Mister Bigs (subject to KC confirmation) awarded by the judge Hilary Bowen :-)
As I said Tuffley was a mix of rain, mud, glorious sunshine and some rings absolutely fine to run and others we did not do...that is the way of agility this year. Marc choose not to run Bigs on Friday as we were helping and the weather was rubbish, Saturday they choose to just to do two runs and Sunday was Champ day, the sun was shining and the ring was in very good condition. The game was on....
This is the winning run...of the final round
How proud am I.. incredibly...one of the smaller small dogs at KC shows..but known for being big on attitude.  And Marc is not bad either ;-) Have to say thank you to doggy jumps their see-saw was the best we have come across for small and medium. It tipped appropriately for their height and weight. And also comes with a lovely rubber surface and great colours.

What a fabulous end to Tuffley Show 2012, it just so brilliant that Mister Bigs in now a champ on paper as well as in our hearts.. corny but true :-)

Monday, 9 July 2012

Tuffley Part 1..Dixie..Qualifies for the KC Novice Olympia Semis

Wow what a weekend at Tuffley this year, rain, mud, glorious sunshine and some rings absolutely fine to run and others we did not do...that is the way of agility this year.
But what a fabulous weekend, and it really was all about Marc, Bigs and the Dixie. Hence the posting being in two parts.
Dixie and Marc qualified for the  KC Olympia Semis..she is probably the smallest collie in large however she jumps incredibly well, has such power and as people say she is small and mighty (a nod to Persil adverts methinks) :-) Already this season she has had 11 wins. This is her qualifying run

And they needed to do it as Tuffley was the last of two chances this year for them to try and qualify. Well cool and congratulations also to Becca and Dish, Dixie's brother who won the class overall. Good luck at the semis.