Sunday, 27 March 2011

Dixie Training and Recallers be inspired

As the agility circuit has not really kicked off, we have been working hard in the garden and it is really starting to pay off as we can start doing more agility focused training. The first vid is of Dixie and Marc doing their 'poles'. Purists of the 2x2 will have to look away ;-)

Then we laid out an exercise from the Clean Run Exercise Source book by Pamela Green. Really useful little book of sequences to tryout. Next year we hope to get a whole set of agility jumps. But to be honest, when we train, we don't worry about height if we may be focusing on other skills, or we may mix and match. When we get to club the guys get the opportunity to jump their height for KC competition.

Then, catching up with blogging I came across with the recallers video on Susan Garrett's blog, and so I watched and voted and heaved a sign of relief, my guys do that. Then got the email ''Psst, Your Dog Wants You to See This . . .'' it was pre subscription and I was curious, could we be better? So, I get to watch the "evaluate your dogs recall'' and it made me smile. A great summary of foundation basics to build a great bond and recall. And no excuses, get on an do it approach. Great stuff and accessible. How cool is that :-)

I also liked that Susan clarified the 'ruff love' as I do not agree with this book and its good to see concerns being recognized and a recognition of more controlled freedom, regarding more opportunities to make decisions and rewarding the desired behaviours.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

High and Low and High

Wings in the Snow
Went to Crufts with the Rivi and Wings. The team qualified for the final so that was the high. The low was me and Rivi went off course on the last but one obstacle,  so not expecting that. But my Rivi was super,  and the high was I know now she can cope with the big arena, and she was just an absolute joy to be with, and we had a great time together. Although the low as going off course had a big impact on the team members and of cause the results, we ended up 3rd, and that is oh so gutting and for a second a bit crushing too :-( But you just have to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and prepare and know that next time it will be the perfect run. Agility performance for me is partly defined by how you bounce back...

The Perfectoli
I have ordered the runs from dfs Crufts so hopefully I can post them 'warts and all'.  When I first watched the runs, on dfs Crufts catch up video service, I felt like I was gonna watch a scary horror movie, yep - I was clutching a cushion to hide behind , waiting for that split moment of an agility run, when the ecstasy of a run turns to shitsville. Watching it really put it back in perspective especially watching Rivi, her beautiful coat gleaming under the lighting and moving so swift and smoothly. Ty to Marc, who said I really did need to watch it, he was dare I say it "right!!!!!"

In the meantime,  I thought I would load a photo of us posing and the team dogs wearing their Dog Games  harnesses. Unfortunately I could not get the photo to load. We also had great team tee-shirts kindly sponsored by Johnson's Dog Wormers.

So onward and forward to the coming agility season only only a few weeks to go :-)

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Zev...I'm smitten and bias ;-)

Its incredible that Zev is now 3. One minutes an impossibly cute sheltie pup and now an incredibly handsome sheltie grown-up. Below is an extract of what I wrote about Zev for the Agility Club magazine due to coming 2nd in his grade in what is I guess a national league for members of the Agility Club.
"....He is my forth agility partner and I wrote the following when he was 8 months old and it is still true now (he will be 3 in March 11) Zev came into my life, when he was 8 weeks old. His personality is determined, endearing, and pushy but never overt, quick, bossy, thoughtful, noisy, quiet, affectionate, and at times impatient. His temperament is to die for; if I could get a border collie with his temperament it would be just perfect. He is so light on his paws, has great movement and so totally handsome. I will be bias about this, as he is mine, and I am well and truly smitten. His sheer excitement at doing something is truly infectious. If he could, he would join in when I do my wii fit in the lounge, as he always wants to be doing. He has impeccable manners and canine body language. I can take him anywhere..."
Yep, I guess you could say I am well and truely smitten, hence the bias :-)

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Economy Gym...It works for me! :-)

The Zevman - 2011 - just luv the expression
I decided not to renew my gym membership, a tough decision coz I actually enjoy working out and feeling fit. However, I felt so guilty leaving my guys  again in the evening, even though they had Marc with them, their reproachful looks was such that I needed to find a better solution. Plus a tough winter making it also impossible to go, which meant I was paying out hard earnt cash for something I could not use. My gym programme was making me 'bigger' in turn of muscle and was not a look I wanted. (vids in the summer - not good I looked heavy and I was heavy muscle -not a good look even if I was fit - yuck and yuck!!!) I needed an economical and effective way of being fit, that would help me a achieve the body I want and feel good both for agility and life in general - not an easy task - believe me. 

Zev - Gonna get the ball
Nuts is not up to running any great distance so that was out of the question and again the weather! Also, to be honest I love walking my dogs enjoying their antics, and savouring the relaxation of it. I did not want to turn that into a regime as that is my chillin' with my guys time.

In January, I googled fitness DVDS, which I used previously, but now I needed something that offered cardio, tone and strength for someone where the battle with time needs to be won. Would I be able to get such a combination, and enjoy the routine enough to keep at it. And blimey I found it. Yep, a fitness DVD that lives up to its reputation and some. Its the Davina Body Buff - it is totally brilliant - for the first time I am doing effective abs workout and  I get the stretching exercises because I can feel the effectiveness.  I am losing the muscle bulk, as the intensity of the cardio even when doing the arm section, means that it is a leaner look.

Zev - I got the ball :-)
The DVD is 7 segments in all, and you can pick and mix or do it all.  Need an economy gym this is it, already had arm weights so for me the cost was £12.97 for the DVD - I have already gone down a dress size and my target is to get down another so I will be the same as I was in my 20s. Now that will be totally cool. And Marc is totally appreciating it and he did not want me to lose weight! -  and it makes me feel fab and it will so benefit my agility and in turm my guys as I have more energy and stamina :-)

Totally random photos  - but Zev photos so well, and well I'm hardly gonna put pictures of me working out just yet!!!!!!!! ;-)