Thursday, 29 May 2014

Nuts - Forever Loved, Loved Forever...

Nuts & Christine
How do you say goodbye, when you think there is one more ray of hope but Nuts said not. Nuts said it was time to go and the day I dreaded came. When all avenues are exhausted and modern medicine has run out of solutions. When Nuts no longer had the strength to fight. How do you deal with the light, hope and fight being gone? Nuts my beautiful guy who took me on a a journey to create dreams and sow ambitions that I could not believe I could have.  I was so fortunate with the connections he created and how he was with me.  He was steadfast, he was loyal, he was my main man and rock.

He was my Lassie, Pongo and Bolt all in one.   He enjoyed the ride with me and we had such brilliant times, and I could not have been prouder to have walked by his side.

Two songs that some him up to me are 'You are my first, my last, my everything' by Barry White and' Nobody does it better' by Carly Simon. And Marc said it was also 'Me and my Shadow' by Frank Sinatra. And that is so true.

No song goes with his passing, the melody of the February song helps to calm me, as we had no fight left and how I wish he did so that we could have another precious day.  I could wish it a thousand times and there I was nothing I could do to stop the ravages of time increasing its relentless and tenacious grip. How I wish my Nuts was forever young and by my side.

How I wish I could say he was 15. How I wish he would be at the door when I return from the EOs and the Worlds, I so wanted to tell him all about Zev's and I adventures. So many wishes but as the February song, one day we will be together again and I never wanted to let him down, but as he lost the strength to fight and I did not know how to help him fight, he was saying it was his time. I guess our time is our time...I just hope he understood when for the thousandth time I told him, how special, loved and perfect he is.


Forever Nuts. Forever loved, loved forever.....

12/02/00 to 28/05/14

Monday, 12 May 2014

European Open & FCI Worlds - Here we come :):):)

Doing the Double - Lansdown - Crufts Singles - 2013
Every so often in life that are just what you hoped and worked damm hard for. Almost two weeks ago we got the news that not only Marc and Mister Big had made the team for the EO - Hungary and the FCI World Championship but Me and Zev had too.

The excitement has been immense. With Marc and Big, they have been before to the Worlds both WAO and FCI events and achieved so much, but for me and Zev, it has been a while coming. The first year we tried out, we were no way ready, we had not even run a champ class I don't think it was the year of null points. The second year I had exams on tryout date, the third year we made reserve for the EO and no team was going to the Worlds as it was in too complicated and costly being in South Africa. I was so so frustrated. This year, Zev was 6 and I felt if we did not do it this year then it was unlikely we would. 
The KC press release explains all. It was an incredibly tough weekend with 7 runs in all including a team event. The courses by Italian judge, Paolo Meroni, reminded us of why we find agility so exhilarating - technically demanding and swift for speed, this was indeed agility courses at their best. The squad and team selection process is managed by Mark Laker and his thoughts on team selection can be found at his blog.

The challenge with agility now as the standard and demands of agility are growing all the time, it really means having to put in the grunt work to achieve it. Agility is becoming so much more like other sports, quite rightly with the physio and fitness for both handler and canine partner, the skill sets, the mental toughness or focus required. Some have the good fortune to be naturally talented, like Marc who can just run, he does not have to work at it, I have to do two sessions a week specifically focus on running and running dynamics to achieve what he can just do. That is not to say Marc does not look after his fitness, but it just comes more naturally and with far less effort.  But despite this additional pressure we think ultimately it will be good for agility as a sport and good for us.

It all feels very surreal and totally brilliant so say your representing your country in a sport that really consumes our life in so many positive ways is for me a dream come true. Marc would I dare say is pleased ;)

So here we come :):):) .....this should be one heck of a ride...........