Sunday, 17 January 2010

De-cluttering in progress...

What a great week, but I admit it is both exhausting and fab being back at work. The guys have been so so good, my stress level was in override as I felt so damm guilty. Their like we’re chilling on the sofa, munching chews – we are fine.

The last couple of weekends have seen us having intense clear outs – we are go from a 4 bed roomed, 3 receptions room house to a 2 up 2 down semi detached. Hence the need for a major de-clutter. I love hoarding, but out have gone the rosettes, the assignments that got me my BSc and Certificate in Applied Animal Behaviour, the bank statements that went back to 1999 (shameful I know) and tons of other stuff. This whole de-clutter thing is supposed to leave you feeling cleansed, I was like feeling sick, there is a comfort in hoarding for me, that is a record of my life. I’m chucking it – help. The OBay blog,  reminded me of the importance of keeping stuff. But gosh, I really needed to start sorting out what is clutter and what is priceless in terms of meaning. Any stuff with the guys I find incredibly hard to throw out (or recycle). With Storm I did a scrap book and Nuts has got one too, in a way I guess there a diary of their journey with me. But there is no room for their puppy collars, that special tee-shirt you wore on a particularly great day. So I hit the stores to find my solution.

Outcome - I have started Rivi’s Box this weekend as Marc was saying sort out the stuff or else. Yikes!!!! Marc and I are Yin and Yang - I clutter, he minimal - so we meet somewhere in the middle to create a balance. So with the rosettes - I took the middle and sometimes the ribbon too. And stuck them on to card, with little notes, i.e. first clear, first win, first pull thru, what the heck I just enjoyed this run. Writing little anecdotes; keeping the well done cards just to make me smile and capture the moments. These go in Rivi’s box, with a matching photo album (optimistic) and life/training journal (diligently keep for the first two years), the puppy collar and whatever else comes along the way. So, one started and another 5 to create.

P.S Marc has warned me with the move, no pc connection for up to 10 days.  In internet terms that is a lifetime….

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Weehee - 2010 is starting to take off........

Yahoo, weehee, woohooo, whatever the term. The excitement is here, tomorrow I start a new job in Human Resources, an even better job than the one I was offered before Christmas! Which is totally fabulous, and I am so thrilled. I had been so hoping and striving to get a job in HR. So five months later the dream job has come along. Persistence, experience and good fortune in meeting the right people has paid off.

I’m so excited…I will be heading back to college in September for evening classes, to study for the professional qualification to back up my previous work experience. So the stage of my new four year plan will commence.

It will be weird having to leave the guys for a few hours each day again, and will miss them terribly. But I am sure it will be the best thing in the long run. The other excitement is it looks like we are finally going to be moving on the 22nd of Jan.

So January the happening month snow havoc or not.

This weekend I brought a hanging bird table and the food which within 10 minutes of being installed in the garden was being used by ‘Mr’ Robin and other garden birds. This was a relief; as I getting really concerned about the impact of the extended snow season was beginning to have on the garden 'regulars'.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Going stir crazy...

The blinking weather is now seriously curtailing our fun. The ice forming under the bed of snow makes activities with the guys a real hazard. I really quite envy their grace and agile movement in the snow. There is me plodding along in clompy boots and ski suit, muttering…”fricking ice, fricking ruts in the ground hidden by the snow”. Sliding all over the place as the snow was so soft, leaving my clompy boots to find the ice. Hmmm my good humour deserted me, I apologised to the guys but they were so busy having a whale of a time, they had not noticed my mutterings. Good thing no one else was about, I would have been ‘carted’ off or getting seriously weird looks. It was with this rant going on in my head; I thought I should be so excited but instead...
I’m so frustrated
Going stir crazy
Ice hazards worthy of ‘Mario’ world
Causing havoc on our world
We wanna play
We wanna train
But it’s a no go zone
We do the mini indoor stuff
And goof around
But tis no substitute for letting loose and ripping around outside….

Then Zev, looking so frigging handsome in this shot and its a partial frame!!!!!!!!!!!!