Sunday, 4 November 2012

Grand Day Out - Pro Plan Finals 2012

What a great day, well organised, great sponsorship and good competitive but relaxed atmosphere. Overall Dixie and Marc 3rd in Jumping Final and 2nd in the Novice Agility Finals, Zev 1st in the Jumping Final and 4th in the Agility Finals and Marc and Mr Bigs working oh superbly but 2 off courses and such as shame as the little man was flying. Still that is the way it goes as Marc always says ‘Enjoy winning but do not fear losing’ and we both with like to push it to the max :-)


Was almost debating whether to upload videos or not. As Bad Dog Agility said and very apt when listening to one of their pod casts  which is when an agility run that had 'some bobbles’ (a neat way to describe the elements that describe a run that is not flawless). But what the heck we had a cracking day overall and little Dixie's and Marc's run seemed flawless to me ;-)