Sunday, 26 December 2010

Walking & Snow Angels.....

Nuts Xmas 10
  I luv walking and in particular seeing sunrise, which is one of the few benefits of Winter, as sunrise is not till 7.30am.

Sunrise Xmas 10

I just enjoy the tranquility, freshness, the calm, and sunrises are as spectacular as sun sets.  And a big hurrah, as the shortest day has past and slowly longer days will return, as I do miss day light. As it means no longer having to wear a head torche and gear the guys up in their high visibility jackets.  Mind you damm glad these gadgets were invented.

Marc said to me around 9.30am today "you walked your guys already?''
Me "Yes, darling".
I think it still surprises him that I enjoy my early morning walks. .

Zev Xmas 10
 But for me it heralds a new day and new hopes. The moon was even still up and I saw a hare (which the guys know not to chase).  It was so cold this morning, we got back home frosted, but it was great fun and the sun was making a valiant effort to shine through.

On a practical note I have shaved Zev's tummy and as I always trim the guys  'trousers/knickers' (you know the bit under the tail), hock and feet hair and it means they do not get 'silly' damp and covered in those silly snow balls, that cause havoc, with walking.

Making Snow Angels - Xmas 2010

What can you do after walking your guys at sunrise.  Make a snow angel!!!!!!!!!!

Marc really thought I had lost the plot, when I said I needed to make a snow angel. I guess I have totally watched too many cute and whimsy American Christmas films, where you see snow angels being made and Marc probably sleeps through those films hmmmm.  Not being sure how much longer the snow would last, I seized the moment, and I made my snow angel. So that is now ticked off my things to do list, who knows one day I may grow up, but I really hope not :-)

Friday, 24 December 2010

It's Christmas....yahooooooooooo!

Love it or hate it. And I love it, as the holidays have begun :-) And Marc loves being with me and the guys...perfect.

Just had to post this photo of Nuts, so apt with the current snow. And one of my favourites, even though it was taken a about 3 years ago.

Merry Christmas...

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Olympia and We are snowed...

Its back, worse than before, yep the snow that the young uns of our group seem to find so delightful has decided to come back. But today it did look rather splendid and once I managed to get back home from work I could enjoy the scenery.  Its OK on the main roads, but the last mile or so feels more like 20. Fortunately I can work from home tomorrow if it still bad. Then just need to get through Friday and then its the holidays for just over a whole week. Yahooo, can't wait.........

Big had a great time last weekend at Olympia with Marc, I stayed home with the other dogs. Next year I hope to have a dog sitter for all our guys so that I can go to, which would be rather great. Whilst glory was not to happen this time round, it was a really good experience for Bigs, who absolutely lapped up the attention. The photo is of Bigs under the Olympia Christmas Tree, which is of course the best place to pose. My thanks to the OBays for the photo.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Can you believe it? Yes I can :-)

A friend sent a text just saying "Can you believe it?". What can I say but "Yes, I frickin' can".
For years she has worked towards her goal, had some set backs. But always going forward, stretching training skills, examining her relationship with her dogs, taking the occasional wrong turn, sometimes just doing things the hard way (it seems to be the human way of learning!). But always bouncing back. Rarely easy, often hard, but with some tears and with some great laughs. But it not matter what the time or the frame, what matters is that she always strived to improve for her guys both as a person and a trainer. Now that effort into the teamwork is getting the results.

So what can I say, but have a brilliant time competing, your excitement just to be competing on the green carpet at Crufts is infectious and made me think of this song.

Have a totally brilliant time, its your turn for sure... :-)

Sunday, 12 December 2010

The A-F cometh...and finally unwrapped :-)

The guys get such pleasure running
 in the snow

Would you believe it the day the long awaited A-F arrived, the snow arrived and it stayed wrapped up in the outbuilding (posh term of a corrugated stable) for three weeks. This weekend the snow melted, I felt like a witch running around "its melting, its melting". Funny how simple things can make you happy. And the melt took a couple of days and the last day was really treacherous as we ended up with ice about 3 inches thick with melting snow on top. It was so slippery it was ridiculous, thank gosh the guys listen to "don't pull its dangerous" and we did not have any accidents. My sympathies to those where it is even worse. 

Zev with his new toy the A-F.
Luv his action - Dec 10

But I digress, the snow has melted and we could at last unpack the A-F and get it out. Zev is so funny as when you put stuff out as he already tries to do it. So soon as a weave base is out, he is offering agility behaviours, I like 'Zev wait for the poles to be put in!!!!' They all luv'd the new A-F, more toys in the garden. Big's followed suit and then the Rivioli. And it is definitely the right colour and width, as previously thought, Rivi 'hugs' the decent on the narrower versions. You can see by the photo, so between now and the WAO tryouts I have some homework with Rivi, to ensure that she feels totally invincible when she comes across the narrower A-F as it does for her alter the perception of steepness. Rivi's behavior flies in the the face, of people saying it don't matter, all I can say is wait till you have a dog that even when moving at speed, notices things you would not think were noticeable.  That is my guys always teaching me something.

The Rivi doing the 'hug' - Dec 10

Look at Big's extension
 as he goes :-) Dec 10