Monday, 20 December 2010

Can you believe it? Yes I can :-)

A friend sent a text just saying "Can you believe it?". What can I say but "Yes, I frickin' can".
For years she has worked towards her goal, had some set backs. But always going forward, stretching training skills, examining her relationship with her dogs, taking the occasional wrong turn, sometimes just doing things the hard way (it seems to be the human way of learning!). But always bouncing back. Rarely easy, often hard, but with some tears and with some great laughs. But it not matter what the time or the frame, what matters is that she always strived to improve for her guys both as a person and a trainer. Now that effort into the teamwork is getting the results.

So what can I say, but have a brilliant time competing, your excitement just to be competing on the green carpet at Crufts is infectious and made me think of this song.

Have a totally brilliant time, its your turn for sure... :-)

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