Sunday, 12 December 2010

The A-F cometh...and finally unwrapped :-)

The guys get such pleasure running
 in the snow

Would you believe it the day the long awaited A-F arrived, the snow arrived and it stayed wrapped up in the outbuilding (posh term of a corrugated stable) for three weeks. This weekend the snow melted, I felt like a witch running around "its melting, its melting". Funny how simple things can make you happy. And the melt took a couple of days and the last day was really treacherous as we ended up with ice about 3 inches thick with melting snow on top. It was so slippery it was ridiculous, thank gosh the guys listen to "don't pull its dangerous" and we did not have any accidents. My sympathies to those where it is even worse. 

Zev with his new toy the A-F.
Luv his action - Dec 10

But I digress, the snow has melted and we could at last unpack the A-F and get it out. Zev is so funny as when you put stuff out as he already tries to do it. So soon as a weave base is out, he is offering agility behaviours, I like 'Zev wait for the poles to be put in!!!!' They all luv'd the new A-F, more toys in the garden. Big's followed suit and then the Rivioli. And it is definitely the right colour and width, as previously thought, Rivi 'hugs' the decent on the narrower versions. You can see by the photo, so between now and the WAO tryouts I have some homework with Rivi, to ensure that she feels totally invincible when she comes across the narrower A-F as it does for her alter the perception of steepness. Rivi's behavior flies in the the face, of people saying it don't matter, all I can say is wait till you have a dog that even when moving at speed, notices things you would not think were noticeable.  That is my guys always teaching me something.

The Rivi doing the 'hug' - Dec 10

Look at Big's extension
 as he goes :-) Dec 10

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