Monday, 30 March 2009

Rivi's Runs at BCC of GB 2009

A bit late with these, but promised I would put them on so have done as promised. These videos, whilst not showing the 'perfect' runs will form the basis of some great memories of our fledling agility career. What I treasure from that day, is just how earness and how hard Rivi tried. Thank you, Babyoli x

Also saw a lovely young chocolate BC handled by Sarah Stokoe. They looked fab together :-) and Congratulations to Simon and his big guy for winning the jumping, why to go guys!

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Getting updated - whizzy blogs

Looking at blogs getting more and more whizzy I thought it no good - I give up - I am going to have to join in and update my listings. As I do see the time saving advantages of knowing who has updated their blog, it saves clicking and mulling around. And on a blog hunt you never know where you end up, I clicked on some links the other day and that is how I found the Tale of Two Urban Border Collies, with links to Cedar Border Collies, who made me all dreamy, as this breed line is based on chocolate border collies. Yum yum, shame they are a 'trillion' miles away (a bit of an exaggeration, I know). But I do find it hard to find different blog links, will have to research that a bit more, probably next winter!

Friday, 20 March 2009

Zev's Training Update

Zev paid great attention to me round the rings at mid-downs, he is my excitable showman, but that works for me and as a trainer /instructor /conduit of information, mentor or guide. (Take your pick!) I get off on that buzz of channeling the appropriate behaviors and 'banging' in the reward. He has now been introduced to medium height jumps and last week did a full height dw and he has generalised his foundation targeting on cardboard and my replica board that lays flat on the ground. However he is needing to sort out footing as he is so fast. Way to go Zevy... after Easter I hope to teach him the poles and sew-saw.

Zev is starting to pick some things up real quick, I free shaped the tyre about 3 weeks ago with reward marks for interest, proximity, paw touch, head thru, body thru and I have never seen a dog just so get it, so quickly. Love training this way, it is a delight in seeing the resulting confident and 'can do' attitude that develops from this approach. He now really gets off on tuggy toys, especially the cool kongs and has food as a reward for excellent tugging and when learning new tasks.

His obedience, is coming along real nice, we achieve our first proper about turn. As he is so fine I have concerns that I may tread on him, as his position is now real tight and his height means I have no margin of error. So now training myself to walk with my toes turned inwards to minimise the risk. He is getting the DC (real cute) and his retrieve I need to revisit training wise, as the removal of a canine & incisor means that the dd is 'sitting' crooked in his mouth. Will have to send Caroline on the hunt for a thicker bar and a thinner bar and let Zev select what he prefers. (Pretty please!)

Thank you to Bernadette, who not only gave us this lovely OBay fleece, but remembered the pups birthday and gave them all a prezzy :-) Now I am torn between wearing the fleece now or saving it for Zev's first show which won't be until September - OHH not sure if I can wait that long! Last weekend we met most of Zev's new sisters and they were all so scrummy, and little Itzy at the moment has Zevy's face, fluffy coat and characteristics, blimey I just wanted to bring her on home. Good thing she is not available - otherwise the temptation, I dread to think. Any rate for the next few years Rivi, Zev and Nuts will have my undivided attention.....

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Positive Vibes at Mid Downs

Well mid downs -A real boost, on paper results not so good, but Rivi was lovely and each time we go to a show, she is getting stronger and more asorbed in to the agility thing. She did some great stuff and I made a couple of piloting errors, but hey I am only human. But I was excited as I thought the potential was starting to show, her a-frame has improved tremendously - she is now firing down through the middle. Which is a hugh relief that the idea for a replica board has started to pay off.

Whilsts I was queuing for a run, I was talking to Rivi, like you do telling her she was the best girl in the whole world and was she ready? The person next to me said she might not be when she has run, and I said the run is down to me, she will still be the best girl in the whole world!!!! (Shame I had my hearing aids switched on ha ha ;-) )Well this was a run with a pilot error and I was pleased because Rivi had no idea we had gone off course. I redirected and then, at the end we played as if it had been the bestest run. Why? Because, I love the running and she did some cracking stuff on that course that really made me smile.

I was in my own world thrilled with Rivi and no one is going to burst my bubble, especially with a prick of negativity. On the other hand Rivi received many complements and my bubble was reinforced, "oh yes, liking that type of reinforcement, thank you" Gosh it is bliss to be running again, I tried some really challenging lead outs, was thrilled with progress and we traveled in a different van, with different dogs (TY to JG) a night in a travelodge, all new experiences for my guys. Yeah, Mid Downs, once again an impeccably well run show and it was great to catch up and say hello to many people and doggies, some who we had not seen for months.

p.s Congratulations to Obay Kizzie and Nedlo Tootie who were rather clever girls, with their handlers AH and LO :-)

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Zev's 1st Birthday

Wow, Zev, is now a year old. When Zev arrived I was excited that my long wait for a sheltie was finally over, I had no idea of the sheer fun that he would bring into our lives. Zev is fab to live with and have as a partner on our journey, as he is just so opinionated, lovable and excitable. A total prima donna in the making and I love it. My very special bundle of beautiful chaos, in fact. With eyes so dark they are like black pearls, the cutest woowoowoo noise, and cheeky character and at the same time with great charisma and dignity. Crikey not bad for a one year old!!!! My special thanks to Bernadette and Dennis for entrusting me with one of their super sheltie puppies. A BIG THANK YOU :-)

Happy Birthday to Ziga, Zeki and Zinna

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Gym - its the Dogs Fault :-)

I have been doing gym since Nuts made it to Advance status, as I thought I needed to shift up a gear. And having reached a certain age it is a battle of the body wanting to go south and me wanting it to stay north. Those that know me, know I was designed to sit on sofas, eating grapes and chocolate, drinking wine and watching hopelessly happy ending 'rom-coms'. So this has been something of a mind shift for me, and even with Nuts retiring I kept going as Rivioli joined us (TY, LO) and I was spurned on and keeping motivated. Recently they upgraded the equipment at the gym, and there in the front row of cardiovasular workout thingys, was the Precor AMT (Adaptive Motion Trainer). I decided to brave it this week, and "oh blimey, oh riley" it was so true what the instructor said - "next level up from cross trainers".

Cross trainers I can merrily pump away - yes that is right - merrily at resistance levels 8-10. On the AMT level 1 Resistance gives you a work out like never before and the beauty of it is there is minimal impact and that you can do proper running strides. It has a stride o' meter to measure your stride length. My body is tired, I don't think in all my years of trying to be fit, my face has ever been so red, it was still reddish at work, 'oh, you look a little flushed'. You bet I am, as I am 'creamy crackered' with a bemused smile on my face, excited of the new fitness level I will reach in a few months time. What a brilliant fitness trainer. The scary and exciting thing with this machine is that it has 20 resistance levels and currently level 1 blows me away . And why is it the dogs fault? Nuts already mentioned, then Rivi the past two weeks of training, I have released the throttle and she is moving so fast and doing the poles so damn quick I could not over take her whilst she did the poles! So on the one hand how shocking and brilliant is my Babyoli, on the other f--k, f--k, f--k (al-la' Four Weddings & a Funeral) I need to move up a gear pronto :-0)! ha ha, goal posts keep on moving and i'm loving it...