Thursday, 21 April 2011

Yahooo it the Easter Holidays....

How lucky am I last weekend Zev's breeder Bernadette kindly video'd my Zev - we won this class. I was so chuffed. Indeed his season has started off almighty well - three wins. This is not a flawless run but it sure was committed and his weave entries are now started to come good. I am thrilled with how my man is starting to become a 'grown up'. We did have some off course runs as I continue to push for that extra edge, but I was totally buzzing:-)

Rivi and me what a mixture, I must admit after our first run I was gutted as she froze on me, and with the bits of training and how she is maturing into a happyoli I was so not expecting it. I was did not know what to think, friends commiserated and the 'jellyfish' people were 'oh a controlled round, not much omph, has she!!!!'

Well did I jack it in - heck no. The rest of our rounds were scrappy, but I was not giving in. Rivi is too beautiful to quit on, and on a good day she is a dream. She is what she is, and I adore the days she is a dream to run. And on the crappy runs she is still none the wiser, all I have to work on is her believing she is awesome. This is only our 5th grade 7 show, we need to get some experience and settle into this level of competition. We ended up with a 12th and a 5th, a great bounce back. Hoping Marc will video her runs over easter:-)

p.s jellyfish people - from Bridget Jones -  a complement with a sting in the tail!
p.p.s it is going to be an interesting season for sure
p.p.p.s Happy Easter Holidays....................

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The Zevman has his turn...

This shows Zev and me having our turn based on an exercise from the Clean Run Exercise Source book by Pamela Green. And Rivi aka Perfectoli is waiting on the sidelines.

Our training was been tougher than usual this past month as we are going through that transitional phase of speed increasing, and my timing then being out of sync, or I am seeking more independent weave and go outs and Zev would happily be superglued to my side. This has probably been work in progress since we started our journey together. He will also tell me in his own sheltie way his opinion, which is invaluable feedback.

I think it would be safer and easier to stick within a comfort zone, but that would not be as exhilarating, and I do luv that buzz when it starts to come good and the challenge of pushing us as a team.

Two weeks to go to our first weekend show of the year = Yipeee.