Sunday, 29 April 2012


Its check...check time.,,
Rivi and Zev - pre agility season physio check ü
The project - running contact - continues ü
Agility clothing - check ü
Increase my fitness by introducing some barreconcept exercises - check  ü
Stocking caravan - check ü
Caravan service - check ü
So the majority of it is all checked and done and it with great relief my guys appear free of injury or niggles.  I have been really fortunate, that my guys have not had an injury due to doing agility, even when Zev fell off the dw last year. It may be a combination of the following: -The less is more approach, I won't train or compete if I think there is the slightest issue. That they sleep on the sofas and the beds if they want too;-) The fitness regime and associated benefits such as peanut ball conditioning, massage and good 'rub a dubs' must be paying off or perhaps it just sheer luck? It probably a combination of them all, but I do thank 'my lucky stars' in this respect for sure.

The barreconcept...knackering but brilliantly clever way to exercise. But so tough I am only doing the most basics of the concept.
So checking...check done. Just need some agility action....

Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Garden

Mr Nuts ready to supervise
Marc happened to have a glorious week of weather whilst off and has made inroads into progressing the garden.  The garden brings us alot of pleasure, from watching the dogs, to actually gardening, dining out there, watching the sunset. We are really look forward to creating it into our own garden.
Dratted shed = blocked view :-(
The shed that the previous occupiers placed in front of the longe window has gone. It has irritated me big time. To remove it took 4 men nearly 3 hours to dismantle, and to be used in another home - recycled. It just feels so terrific to look out of the window and see light, trees and birds, rather than the dratted shed. What a stupid place to put one.
Shed gone = View and Light :-)

Then when the fence men dug the foundations, it brought up so much cr..p, it was shocking but my delight was that Marc found the original mantel and hearth for one of the fire places - two immensly heavy pieces of slate, that just need cleaning up.  I guess in the old days they did not have tips, what could not be burnt was buried.

Fencing Project started
The cleared and fenced area will be grassed initially and it will eventually become the all weather area for the guys to play in during the winter months as Nuts and Dixie are the king and queen of mud making and grass destroying. So many projects even just with the garden, we have a bookfull of projects.
AF - contactacoated
Marc, even found time to rubberise the AF, the see-saw will be done this weekend. By end of April the Wingate-Wynnes will be fully rubberised. So far so good with using contactacoat .

I think for the first time in 20 years of moving around the country I had the feeling I am falling in love with the place, and we can make it a home. A whole new concept and a whole new way of thinking!