Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The Grunt Work....

It crazy and it hard, when your dog grows old and with Nuts it has been a huge learning curve because he is the first dog, that I have been bless to have a bit longer time with. It is a blessing but it is also a lot of grunt work and sometimes. I worry am I being kind or am I being unfair? But as with most things in life you have to rely on 'your gut' feeling or intuition. I can watch for any physical tell tale signs, to see how he is feeling. I know him that well, from the tiniest crinkle in his ear to a tightening of the lips, to just how 'he seems'. Is his quality of life good enough? I like to think so and certainly hope so.

One of the best inventions I have some across and in many ways its simplicity itself (as brilliant ideas so often are) to help Nuts and me in our quest to maintain his strength in his muscles so that he can enjoy his 'bimbles' around, join in the fun and remain included.  It is the Active Balance Ultimate Wobble Board designed by Maria Johnston of Active

The video shows a little session at the weekend, everyday we to a different exercise programme, the sessions are very short and sweet.
In the video you can see his him give his paw it has taken 6 months of physio to get him to be able to do this. I can confess my eyes were 'moist' when that happened. When we first started the cavalletti Nuts could not do it and now he is now stepping though and able to complete the exercise.  Another benefit is being able to take Nuts for short walk, when for many months this could not happen.
It is all vital part of rebuilding and hopefully maintaining some co-ordination and awareness of his body. It has improved the messages going from his cerebrum to his muscles as the neurotransmitters learnt a new pathway or make reconnections. Having tuition with Maria really gave me the confidence to carry out the programme.
All these little improvements mean so much. In reality sure there is somethings Nuts cannot do, like the stairs. But we have learnt to lift his body so that it is safe for us and him. So I guess that it is why it is the grunt work, but really I guess it is more a labour of love....