Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Kinda happy....kinda bummed...

Christine & Nuts
Nuts has made it to 14, and the wonderment that we had got to that milestone is tempered by the Vets confirmation that he has lymphoma.

There is no more fight left for us to overcome, there is no tablet, diet or physio that can fix it. My ambivalence to birthdays grows as to me they are a marker of time that is lost, that death is coming sooner. The pleasure that others seem to gain from this annual date event is at times quite lost on me. Or as a friend said to me 'everyday is your dog's birthday', which is a compliment indeed.

There is no treatment, that will give Nuts additional time. As always I will continue to ensure on daily basis that we do some of his favourite things.

I cannot believe as I look at him, that at some point this year our journey together will be at an end. We have defied so many odds, perhaps we will manage it again. ..

As I type this posting he lays at my side, as always so close. I reviewed all the blog postings that mention Nuts and they show that he has so brought so much to my life and what adventures we have had together.

The relationships and opportunities we have in life are remarkable and so often taken for granted...sometimes we know straight away when its extra special...I knew with Nuts and I have never lost the marvel of how special our relationship is.


So I kinda happy and kinda bummed.........but just so thankful that Nuts is still by my side.