Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Pro Plan Masters Final....:) Medium Winners 2013

Wow. After a break of three weeks with no shows we had the ProPlan Masters Final to do. Marc had to pull Bigs from the Finals as he had a glute muscle sprain. Nothing serious but we would not to run one of our guys unless they are 100%. So this meant it was down to me and Zev. How did I get in the right mind set, the week leading up to the finals was less than ideal but heck that is par for course. Then I remembered a Daisy Peel tip to put together a play list of favourite agility runs. This sure did help in terms of getting to the show where the finals were being held. And starting to rekindle the 'game on' feeling.

We arrived and I breathed a sign of relief as they had in the finals and at the actual Bromsgrove Show the excellent aluminium rubber contacts. It makes such a difference I was really pleased as I knew that it would enable Zev to run at his optimum.  We ran a normal agility class and won that, would we be able to repeat the same in the finals.?.

We sure did :) what a fab feeling on what has already been an exceptional agility year. I keep watching the video and just enjoy seeing Zev and me having a great time...doing agility.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Diminutive Dixie wins her 1st CC - Aug 2013

The diminutive Dixie, who would have thought that Marc’s tiny powerhouse of a border collie who we reckon is one of the smallest ‘large’ dogs on the agility circuit in the UK would win a challenge certificate in championship during her first season at Grade 7.

But this is what happened at Wilton Champ show at Bank Holiday August 2013, it was one of those days where the flashes of so much promise all season, was delivered :)...

So looking forward to seeing Marc and Dixie run at Crufts 2014 :)