Monday, 31 December 2012

Hello to 2013

The Guys New Years Eve 2012
Wow on Christmas Day, discovered this fabulous new walk for the guys acres and acres to be explored and hours can be enjoyed watching the guys having a great time. It is off the beaten track, so the guys can really let rip and we can walk to the walk - perfect. Since moving to the midlands we have found many lovely walks but this is the best so far :-)

So many things seem to be falling into place, just can't help feeling that frisson and excitment for what may be coming next. So time to say goodbye to 2012 and hello 2013...

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Wow Christmas & 2012

Friday 21st December 2012 heralds the shortest day. And I always feel a little jubilation as to me it signals that slowly but surely daylight time will increase. It keeps me going whilst in December and January from Monday to Friday we walk in the dark and play in the half light of electric bulbs.

Time enough for reflection of the year, and it has been a darn good year. Marc, Dixie and Bigs have had such a terrific year, as I have too with Zev. With the agility the last 12 months have seen us start to metamorphosis  in handling style.  I have gained so much experience of handling Zev with his running contacts and it is such a thrill to run this way for me and for Zev and getting less 'oh crikey' and more 'game on we can do it'.

Then Rivi I am still retraining her contacts 2 fundamental elements that have hindered progress as I did not get my head round it till 12 months after I started retraining. Hindsight, wish it was foresight ;)

1. Deconstructing a static paw target is what I should have taught as the first element.. Thanks to Kamel Fernandez for his input. Gave me the confidence with an idea that I had been playing around with. Any future crossover 'hugger' of contact dogs I will incorporate this first.
2. Never withhold reward in a training context.  It fundamentally was wrong for me and Rivi no matter how nicely you do it to not reward is not to appreciate the effort Rivi makes.  Thanks to Silvia Trkman for 'RC that make you smile' DVD.  Always reward and jackpot, is the theme and this is the approach for me. It made me chuckle, when the DVD came out with the title as I did a smile posting in great that agility is not only a competitive sport, but the sheer hard work pays off with moments of elation and smiling... the yes and yahoo moments even in training.
2012 draws to an end it has not been without heartache, but also many wonderful moments and so much to look forward to....all with Nuts still by our side...

I love the Christmas holidays and the time it gives us to be together.  So happy holidays and have a cracking 2013.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Dixie's turn to Shine :-)

Crikey, only said on my last posting little Dixie's and Marc's run seemed flawless to me ;-) and then they did it again at the Riot Tug E Nuff - UKA Final on the 01/12/12. This time coming 1st overall (1st place jumping & 2nd place agility).

Marc qualified Big for the CSJ and I did Zev too. But the day was all about Dixie and Marc. And have to say all credit to the organiser's it is a great final and the sponsorship of the prizes so fabulous. Marc and Dixie got a £150.00 Tug E Nuff voucher and a beautiful big glass trophy. Fantastic :-)

So proud of Marc and Dixie, who must be one of the smallest large dogs in agility. As someone said small and mighty :-) Our thanks to Mandy and Lesley for letting me get her for Marc.