Monday, 10 December 2012

Dixie's turn to Shine :-)

Crikey, only said on my last posting little Dixie's and Marc's run seemed flawless to me ;-) and then they did it again at the Riot Tug E Nuff - UKA Final on the 01/12/12. This time coming 1st overall (1st place jumping & 2nd place agility).

Marc qualified Big for the CSJ and I did Zev too. But the day was all about Dixie and Marc. And have to say all credit to the organiser's it is a great final and the sponsorship of the prizes so fabulous. Marc and Dixie got a £150.00 Tug E Nuff voucher and a beautiful big glass trophy. Fantastic :-)

So proud of Marc and Dixie, who must be one of the smallest large dogs in agility. As someone said small and mighty :-) Our thanks to Mandy and Lesley for letting me get her for Marc.

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