Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Don't ya ???

Don't ya just luv love. The cold spell has highlighted Nuts is aging, yep showing the signs of creeping in to old age. The odd accident with the 'pee' and now the lameness has come back if he over does it. When I made the decision to retire him at 7 and half I did grieve that I would no longer have the joy of running him. But because he had arthritis, that would not have shown up until older age, I made that decision the guidance of a vet that I am fortunate to trust and admire. Come Feb  2011 he will be 11 and whilst that it no great age for me it sounds the clock of time marching on and it is scary as hell, (if such a place exists). I think that is the trouble with loving with dogs, their passage of time is not kind.

A great photo by a South African Couple whose name
escapes me = apologies

I sincerely hope that the passage of time will be  extremely kind and Nuts will make very very old bones as I could not be prouder to have him by my side. The thought of losing him scares me silly.

Nuts luvs football
I do not understand people that run dogs in agility that may make them lame or suffer wear and tear. Surely, if you know agility may be the cause then its time to find other things to do? But I guess each to their own, we all only try to do what we believe is right? To me agility is a bonus and when I had to give it up with Nuts, I selfishly shed many a tear, wailed at friends, who so kindly understood  As running him was such a delight even when it went totally 'arse up'  due to handling errors (excuse the expression, please). But even though he has not worked agility or obedience for 3 years or more, that bond has not changed at all. I think my love for being fit and hurling myself around an agility course  was consolidated with him. How could it not? And to Nuts I owe forever and a day.

So don't just luv Love? I know I do...


  1. I retired my collie when he was about 9. He's 11 now. I totally understand where you are. He's my heart dog and it was hard to retire him. We are doing K9 Nose Work now and he loves it! No jumping involved. :)

  2. Thank you, and that is great with the nose work :)

  3. Bless him. I love Nuts. Poppy sends Woodsorrel licks x

  4. What a great post! I think it is much better to retire earlier than later.

  5. You always know what is best as you have great insincts Christine, that why we all admire you.