Sunday, 28 November 2010

Awards time...

Agility Club Awards -2010 and nope
did not get the trophy in the picture!!
Agility Club - Awards. That time of year again, for AGMs and clapping hands and dogs being given an additional bath and groom, for which Zev is not impressed at all. Rivi however absolutely adores being groomed and keeps jumping on the grooming table to try and push in.

Agility Club Awards and yep trophy in
picuture ;-)

Well, well, Mr Bigs has his first big big trophy - this beautiful crystal bowl for the Agility Club - Annual Awards.

Then Zev also got his own one too, not letting the Mr Big have it all his own way, came second in his division and got his first beautiful crystal vase.

And my Rivioli, bless her even with the time out still managed to come 6th.  Great mementos of a cracking 2010 season.

Dixie - Dec 2010

The other pic is of Dixie, who we think has now finished most of her major growing and has had a season and just now needs to mature both physically and mentally. In the new year Marc will be starting her introduction to agility, but for now she has been over a low dog walk about 5 times not for dogwalk performance purposes but for confidence around different heights, so when she comes to learn the dogwalk it will be about performance rather that dealing with what it is too. Dixie already does the sofa, bed and wobble board with no problem. And as you can see from the photo powers out of going around cones and can focus on Marc even with all the other guys running around and having a cool time.
The Cool Kong King running with is
favourite toy


  1. Congratulations! You guys are having a full house! Well done! Both Zev and Big had a fantastic season!

  2. Thank you and your Super Sizzle did cracking too :-)