Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Olympia and We are snowed...

Its back, worse than before, yep the snow that the young uns of our group seem to find so delightful has decided to come back. But today it did look rather splendid and once I managed to get back home from work I could enjoy the scenery.  Its OK on the main roads, but the last mile or so feels more like 20. Fortunately I can work from home tomorrow if it still bad. Then just need to get through Friday and then its the holidays for just over a whole week. Yahooo, can't wait.........

Big had a great time last weekend at Olympia with Marc, I stayed home with the other dogs. Next year I hope to have a dog sitter for all our guys so that I can go to, which would be rather great. Whilst glory was not to happen this time round, it was a really good experience for Bigs, who absolutely lapped up the attention. The photo is of Bigs under the Olympia Christmas Tree, which is of course the best place to pose. My thanks to the OBays for the photo.

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  1. I am sure that Mr Big will be back there again many times over the next few years. He's too good not to be.

    We still have quite alot of snow left here and icicles hanging off the thatch!