Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Zev...I'm smitten and bias ;-)

Its incredible that Zev is now 3. One minutes an impossibly cute sheltie pup and now an incredibly handsome sheltie grown-up. Below is an extract of what I wrote about Zev for the Agility Club magazine due to coming 2nd in his grade in what is I guess a national league for members of the Agility Club.
"....He is my forth agility partner and I wrote the following when he was 8 months old and it is still true now (he will be 3 in March 11) Zev came into my life, when he was 8 weeks old. His personality is determined, endearing, and pushy but never overt, quick, bossy, thoughtful, noisy, quiet, affectionate, and at times impatient. His temperament is to die for; if I could get a border collie with his temperament it would be just perfect. He is so light on his paws, has great movement and so totally handsome. I will be bias about this, as he is mine, and I am well and truly smitten. His sheer excitement at doing something is truly infectious. If he could, he would join in when I do my wii fit in the lounge, as he always wants to be doing. He has impeccable manners and canine body language. I can take him anywhere..."
Yep, I guess you could say I am well and truely smitten, hence the bias :-)


  1. Lovely post! And of course you should be smitten! What a wonderful little guy (and very handsome).

  2. And rightly so, he is gorgeous. I so know where you're coming from in this post :o)