Monday, 9 July 2012

Tuffley Part 1..Dixie..Qualifies for the KC Novice Olympia Semis

Wow what a weekend at Tuffley this year, rain, mud, glorious sunshine and some rings absolutely fine to run and others we did not do...that is the way of agility this year.
But what a fabulous weekend, and it really was all about Marc, Bigs and the Dixie. Hence the posting being in two parts.
Dixie and Marc qualified for the  KC Olympia Semis..she is probably the smallest collie in large however she jumps incredibly well, has such power and as people say she is small and mighty (a nod to Persil adverts methinks) :-) Already this season she has had 11 wins. This is her qualifying run

And they needed to do it as Tuffley was the last of two chances this year for them to try and qualify. Well cool and congratulations also to Becca and Dish, Dixie's brother who won the class overall. Good luck at the semis.

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