Monday, 13 August 2012

KC International Festival - Aug 12

This was a great weekend, the new location of Rockingham Castle was fabulous, better camping, better views, better walking with the dogs, better surface in the competition rings and a far more relaxed atmosphere. The only downside was for some strange reason the KC did not use rubber contacts.

On the Friday, Zev and I won the Gr7 medium agility in the main ring and the judge explained that Zev and I posted the 3rd fastest time over all the heights. It was so nice that Bob Griffin the judge took the time to explain this and for Zev living on the edge with is the run..

Marc and Mister Bigs had a weekend that went so very well. They qualified in pole position for the Small KC British Open Final due to coming first and second in the qualifying rounds. They then won the final..a great birthday present for Marc..from Biggles.

Plus, a birthday bonus as Marc and Bigs were also in the small England Team in the Nations Cup, running with Selena Bray and Daniel Croxford. Which the 3 and their dogs did England proud and won that also. How brilliant Mr Big was all day, taking it all in his stride and he so luvs the attention and hype around the events, and he was still posing for photos at 7pm in the evening.

Plus, plus I brought us a set of jumps, long jump and tyre from Doggyjumps as I was so frustrated with not having them at home. And there was some fabulous courses put up by Barrie James, Simon Chandler, Bob Griffin, Antonin Gryar and the British Open Finals Course (judges name was not listed on ring plan) which we want to try out at home, to work out best handling strategy for particular elements. It was just such a good event to have the opportunity to see some of the European handlers as some of their handling and also their dogs we greatly admire and want to learn more.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Mr Big...selected for Team GB :-)

Wow, Mister Big and Marc - I am so proud to say they have been selected to represent Team GB and be part of Team GB for the FCI World Agility Championships to be held in the Czech Republic in October 2012.

The website for the championship is up:
It is great to see that the event is now over 3 and half days.

Marc and Bigs won the small category qualifying event overall. How I wish I had been there to compete and watch  with Zev but alas course skills delivery meant I had to be assessed on training design and delivery. How I managed to deliver anything was a surprise as my mind was on Mister Bigs and Marc.

As the excitement grows shopping as befitting a poodle a load of goodies with GB emblems such Lead, Towel, Blanket, Tag, Flexi Lead, Harness etc., Even Marc gets a looking with clothing ;-) Then add one most excellent groom in the form of Nicola brilliant that such an experienced and talented agility person will be looking after him and Marc.

Good luck to all at the FCI World Agility Championships. As they say Run Fast, Run Hard and Run Clean...

pps the crazy football hat shows how tiny Big is