Thursday, 27 January 2011

The smooth'ish' groove....

Well, another and this time local show, and onwards and forwards with getting some jumping practice in. We had 3 clean runs, and we got a 3rd in this jumping and a 5th in the agility. The jumping was was an exciting course, and not much room between obstacles for sure. Or at least that is how it felt.  I was so pleased we pulled it off in a smooth'ish' fashion, and it was so lovely that we got a round of applause for getting round.


I was so extra pleased with the weave entry as training wise I wanted to believe that she could do it, but so many handlers had their dog on the right. Should I have Rivi on my left or right – decisions to be made. My 'reverse' thinking skills told me Rivi ideally should really only be on my right if I wanted her to take the pipe tunnel in this scenario. My grateful thanks to Lesley Olden who taught me this concept as it enables me to think more clearly if I have a debate on handling options, due to the way a course is laid out.

Really looking forward to getting us some more Grade 7 and Championship experience this year. Having already started entering some summer shows!!! :-)

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