Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Newton Heath - Rivi's and Zev's tale

Rivi and me - having a fab time at NH June 11
Newton Heath - I wrote in Rivi's and Zev's training journal - it has just been an amazing day, as the agility season so far has been zooming high and then crash and burning ...metaphorically of course. Rivi and I got to our first champ final and came second in the Championship Jumping. I so needed that as I needed to know if I handled good then a good placement would be the outcome. I admit I find it hard handling Rivi as we have been of late a less consistent team, but I am fast learning how sweet it feels when it goes well. And that enables me to focus on what we can do.  It was great to be in two finals. Zev and Me in the Champ finals. Note to self need new baseball hat!

In the final I had five faults with both of them. But my goal of getting them both to a final and achieving some good handling was achieved. And as you can see with the photo of Rivi above, its just so awesome that togetherness that you can share. Sure I could have a better photo of me, but it just captures the sheer joy and bliss of a great day with the guys.

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