Sunday, 10 November 2013

Distractions with Bear :)

Well BB or Beautiful Bear, is now 11 months of age. How his puppyhood is a source of entertainment and fun. He has the cutest cheeky personality, yesterday we enjoyed the beautiful autumnal weather and played around in the garden and bear was having fun with distraction training.  I was really pleased with watching this video back, as Bear has found the Rivioli a big distraction at times. But I have managed to turn it around by using a runaround with Rivi as a reward and worked at strenghtening our playing whether it with food or toys or both.

I am also amazed at Bear doing all the jump wings....the seeds of agility are sown. Lets hope ;) In Janary I plan to start his weaves and contact training, depending on the weather,  I know until the shortest day happens in December, the lack of daylight during the week will be an issue. But there is no rush and it means I can remain focussed on his fitness, co-ordination, general life skills and as all ways having a good time.

Then no escaping on video is there, I cued the recall and go past with the wrong leg!! Doh...

It is also just nice to have Nuts on video still enjoying himself and joining in :)

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