Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Changes are a coming - Stage 2 -SOLD

Well, stage two has arrived, the on going plan to restore the yin and yang i.e be less crazy busy has evolved to the next stage. Yep, we have sold the house. Woohoooooooo :-)

Now I have spotted the potential gap in the market for an estate agent who specialises in the non-standard i.e not interested in school catchment or sought after areas. Want a large garden and small house/bungalow, with parking for several vehicles. There must be others who need that type of property seeking service too.

Can someone please take up the challenge and source us agility people the ideal property - double quick. I wish, I wish. The sheer irony I was offered a job that I had been trying to get for a long while up here, but its to too late. We are off to pastures new!!!!!!!!!!!!yahoooooooooooo. No I don't want a big house - they need to much maintenance - lesson learnt - a wee house with a large garden and lots of parking for the van and caravan. Oh yes, that is what we need. Hopefully I don't sound like an ungrateful brat, but rather as someone who is on the journey of making life as good as it can be for all my guys. After all your only here once, or are we? ;-)
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  1. Oh my God you sound like you are looking for the same house we are! We will find the house and then have a bidding war with YOU! haha
    Congratulations on your quick sale!

  2. Good luck with your search! A little house with a big garden sounds wonderful.

  3. well thats what we wanted when we were looking for our home. Having had the big house small garden rattling around like peas and a postage stamp for the dogs and chickens.....we wanted big garden, small house (though even small houses need things done to them...) off the beaten track and very very rural.....we did it (well it took a while and we had to forego the caravan space - they are not allowed here)so I'm sure you will too in your chosen area.Hx

  4. Well Done on the sale :) Good Luck with the house hunting :) I have sold one house and now need to sell another and then I can house hunt too yay! Lorna x

  5. Blimey, your busy with two to sort! Good luck too x