Sunday, 25 October 2009

Nope - I Just Don't Get It?

I really just don’t get it. I have thought about it, re read theories on behaviour and learning and “nope, I still don’t get it”. So what I am not getting? The growing custom if your dog goes wrong on a contact point, putting it back on and then walking out the ring. Surely the fault has arisen due to inconsistent criteria? And then by putting the dog back on the contact, however nicely and then walking out the ring, surely the only thing you are teaching the dog is “you do that contact, touch that zone and it ends”. "Yep, that is correct you get it right - we walk out”. Which I just don't get, where is the reward for the correct/corrected desired behaviour?

Still that is one of the interesting elements of training agility, the reason why people and dogs do what they do. The training methods, the outcomes, the scenarios, the reasoning, the approaches, the relationships, the cooperation, the team work, the attitude, the spirit etc,. It is all ‘food for thought’ and Rivi clearly thinks it worth chewing over ;-)

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  1. I don't get that one either. Never have and never will.