Thursday, 5 November 2009

Perhaps Love?

Some question whether love at first sight or instant connections exist. All I know is what I have learnt seen and felt. For me there is no doubt that it exists, and has led my life since meeting Marc, it is 20 years this coming Christmas Eve (I’m almost scared to say that, in case something goes wrong, but Marc said “don’t be daft”). I can still recall the moment when we first met, the conversation and the excitement. How I loved that outfit I wore – sassy cropped fcuk jacket, short skirt and heels and the big hair. In that rather crowded pub that I and girlfriends had gone to because our first choice became so packed it was unbearable. Fate or Destiny; another posting. I can still recall the moment we met, the walk home, the tea and coffee and lending Marc a brother’s jumper to walk home at 4am. The first date – a football match he had promised his younger brother but included me. It was memorable; I got hit by the ball!!!

You can debate if its love, lust, the fusion of mutual chemicals causing the attraction. All I know is that feeling changed my journey. And I have not found anyone that put it any better than in an American drama called Everwood. I luv, this series, it is so well written and acted I am addicted. Best thing since the West Wing, although a different plot, it assumes the followers have some capacity for thought.

The lines go:

By the character Irv: “I left this house because I though the world was calling me to a journey. I couldn’t step a foot away you, Edna. You’re my journey. Wherever you are that’s the adventure, I know that now.”

The cynics may say its all rubbish designed to tug at the heartstrings. But heck, so what if it is, it works for me. So many friends are on their second or third marriage, and I’m still stuck on the 1st. That does not make it right or wrong. Its just love really does come in many forms and sometimes it stays and sometimes sadly it goes. It can stay a lifetime or it can be lost in a blink of an eye...sometimes its brief intensity can be as much as a life time of passion. There is no rhyme or reason to love, it just is. For some finding the love can be a lifetime’s journey, its true. One person I know met the love of his life when he was in his fifties. For some it is overrated, for me its magic; the power it has to make you change your life, your outlook, it provides a place of sanctuary and provides a place to flourish, it gives you the confidence that perhaps was hidden before. Most of all it is someone to share your journey through life, wherever it may take you.

Perhaps Love the song, sums it up in many ways performed by Placideo Domingo and John Denver.


  1. Ahh how sweet! and I have always loved John Denver! :-)

  2. Oh Christine that was lovely. It made me cry!! xx