Monday, 16 November 2009

Dirty Dancing - A weekend in London

What a fabulous weekend, did the girly thing, went to London for theatre, food and a real chilled time. Marc kindly stayed home and looked after the guys. Actually he did one better than that he dropped me off and picked me up. What a fabulous hubby he is. Well, Dirty Dancing was just so good, how they brought the film/story to life in what must be London's cutest and also very grand theatre, the revolving stage, went up and down and round. The actors - I take my hat off to them, not only are they singing and dancing, their doing it on a stage that constantly moves. It was great, for those hours the rest of the world just slipped away.

Sometimes you see a play/book/film and then when you see another version it is not as good. Not the case here at all, it was so well done. This show lived up to all preconceived ideas. All the audience was wildly cheering, clapping and jigging about. It was just so fun.

Then off to Covent Garden, and eating at the Cafe Des Amis

Which whilst only offering one vegetarian option for starters and main, they were the best I have had in a restaurant. The service was lovely and dessert mango tart was a perfect finish. Proper food, with flavour and very well cooked, the restaurant itself is both a comfortable and stylish place. It’s a different and great world there in London’s theatre land. So a pact was made for us girls to descend on Jo at least once a year, and go to see a stage show and to eat. Another life to live…weeeheee.

Then back on the tube and we stayed at Jo's to be greeted by Jigs, who is so cool. .He goes everywhere with her on the tubes. A true dog about town. She says friends now come round just to have a cuddle with him. Totally understandable.

Did I miss my guys or what? When Marc picked me up, he brought Zev and Big and they did their first stroll around London and went off lead in Finsbury Park. Needless to say Zev and Big took it all in their stride and got lots of admiring glances and smiles and "oh how cute". Then we hurried back to the rest of the guys at home, its great to go out and do different stuff, but at the same time, I can’t wait to get back home and be reunited with all the guys.

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  1. I love Dirty Dancing the movie. It is one Iain and I get out to snuggle down to watch on winter evenings sometimes!!! Patrick Swayze was not a great actor but he was a fab dancer and by all accounts a really genuine, decent man. He is missed. And it is so nice sometimes just to kick off and do something different!Hx