Monday, 9 November 2009

Mister Big joins in with the Big Guys

Yesterday at training saw Bigs start to do courses with Marc, an exciting time for them. At Beacon an FCI style course is set and if you have an inexperience team, they are expected to take a simpler route through the course. As you are expected to be able to train and work things out for yourself. This means that all the levels of dogs with experience handlers at Beacon are accommodated in one session, it also makes you raise your game. Well, with 3 Beacon members at the Worlds this year, there must be something to the method. As it is a sports ground, your dogs have to learn to ignore the football matches that are going on at the same time to! This is agility training at the sharp end, no soft and fluffy perfect set up, just get on and do it, train yourself, train your dog and have a good time in the process.

As you can see Bigs is very cute and very promising. It is early days yet, but I look forward to seeing Marc and Bigs competing next year. We are also grateful to the Vanitonia Breeders for letting us have such a super chappie.