Friday, 12 February 2010

10 years young....

Some say relationships diminish when you retire a dog. Well, Nuts has been retired for nearly 3 years, and we are no less close. How can a relationship be just defined by 25 seconds in the ring? It can’t for me. Sure he has opted for a stuffed bone on training night, snuck at home. He joins in other activities by being there with his toy, it’s hard to quantify a bond, but he just is and we just are. So Nuts is my Bolt, I can’t believe he is now ten. A whole decade of time, and I worry that even if we could share a human life time of decades, it would never be enough.
On the Disney theme, Zev is like Pongo terribly earnest, loyal, cute to a fault, really excitable and pushy too - the handsomest sidekick in the world.
Well what about Rivioli, well nothing I think has captured her essence really. She acts all confident and full of it, but its all bravado, she needs that ego stroked 100%. It is like running a steam train; you never stop shovelling the coal. But I am extremely happy to keep on shovelling, because she is my one and only.

So my Nuts, Happy Birthday…and thank you...


  1. Happy Birthday most handsome and beautiful boy xx

  2. Happy Birthday Nuts!
    Sounds like you are living the wonderful life!