Thursday, 29 April 2010

I've told a fib..............

I told a fib in my previous posting, oh horror....not like me at all. But I thought about Rivioli and why did I not notice that she was going up a gear and realised actually it had been brewing for a couple of weeks. That totally reminded me of a seminar I went to by Dr. Ian Dunbar - years ago, and one of the points made that I remember is dogs always give information it is about how we interpret it and indeed if we interpret it at all? So I mulled a little more and thought back to Easter and training and yep the 'indications' were there, I was just so busy being so darn positive.  I had cheerfully disregarded them rather than be positive and solution driven? Big 'whoopsie oops' on my part and therein the tale of......."I've told a fib"

Dogs invariably tell us, we just have to be prepared to interpret!

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