Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Just a picture...Bank Holiday Weekend

Well, another fab if crazy and surreal weekend. Luv'd this beautiful picture taken by a friend, who has one of those super duper cameras and wanted to try it out. Thank you for a super photo.
It was a crazy weekend for sure. Big won into grade 5, Zev won a grade 6 jumping, which was great for me as I watched the grade 6 mediums and some were so fast and whizzy, we went to check if he had scrapped in with a place and he had won it. It was a great boost. Rivi had some great results including a win, however in a couple of classes she back jumped a jump and I don't teach this. Analysis, she is getting so responsive and tight when I cue her to turn. She is literally doing it there and then and thus coming back over the jump! Her contacts are coming back after a spook at a previous show. (She froze on dog walk, a few dogs later the down plank had bounced out of its hinges!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Then in a combined 6-7 class she came 3rd, it was a fab course designed by Lee Gibson. The trouble with running his courses, they are so well designed and challenging and fast, you just wanna run it again and again. As they are just exhilarating.

That is why agility is additive, its the sheer thrill of doing well over great courses.


  1. Wow! Loved the video! She is VERY responsive and there is little air between her body and those jumps. That course looked like fun. Any video of Zev?

  2. Thank you, she is great fun. No video of Zev, guilty of not fully charging the camera and I would have luv'd one of the jumping we won...