Wednesday, 11 August 2010

What a weekend....

An epic drive for me although probably for some nothing - 4.5hours of driving to attend my old club show in Fordingbridge. It was a great excuse to see some girlfriends and Saturday night we laughed so much I was nearly crying with laughter. Competing wise my guys were great but I was not the 'jet lagged' feeling stayed with me all day. I was only fit for socialising and eating. Fortunately my guys are very tolerant of my human foibles.

This was Zevs and Mine agility run. He was super and just coming out of the canvas tunnel he turned to look for me and ran around the last jump. What the heck his performance is continuing improve, we did 'pull thrus',  'outs' and everything else I asked. His see-saw is getting scary fast, he virtually skids over it. I may have to look at retaining it so that he has more control over the tilt. People were 'gutted for me' as it was a KC qualifier, but all that mattered was the progress we are making. It was easy with Rivi and Zev I can play with them and they are oblivious, but friends disappointment as they want to see Zev and Rivi at more finals is harder.  A friend texted me and said "I want you to win, more than you want to win".

I do want to win, but I don't want to lose good grace, positive focus and the joy of running.  The wins or qualifications will come. This year I have not thought we ready to hit those heights. Zev and me are so excitable when we start chasing qualifiers next year. Perhaps I am wrong, and I know opportunities should be seized. But how you deal with things is oh so important to me too. There is a fantastic motivational poster at work that says "Attitudes are contagious - Is yours worth catching" (copyrighted) I think it was by corporate impressions .  Such a great tag line and thought provoking too.
Then what a donut moment I had in my last posting saying perhaps I was asking too much. The truth of the matter is I probably don't ask for enough. I am so known for 'babying' my guys. However come September I may be getting to classes twice a week rather than once, where I can train how I want. It is hard to find places to train where you are not being instructed :-)

Then my grapes, the birds have been nicking them!!!!

Intact - before the birds helping themselves

The birds have had grapes for a change!!!!!!!!!!!!!oh well

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  1. What a nice run with Zev! I think each of us knows when we are ready for the next level. And each dog is different.