Thursday, 26 August 2010

Learning still and as McDonald's says I am luving it :-)

Blimey what a couple of months, Wings, Rivi, Zev and Big has all qualified and participated in a final. In addition Rivi, Zev and Big have all progressed to Grade 7 and now eligible for Championship classes. With Zev and Big is was a bit oh crikey as they are so young, and even though they did not get placed in the finals due to pilot errors they had a great time and a very positive experience of going into a ring with people around watching, clapping and oohing and arrhing. And in another routine jumping round, Zev got a spontaneous round of applause for a cracking weave entry. But ''Oh Drats '' not caught on film. But this does mean our goals for the year more than achieved :-)

The great thing with the KC Festival and DINAS is the opportunity to watch European and International competitiors. I love the European approach, appreciative of good stuff (clapping), support when things so wrong (more clapping slower and uplifting) and then watching some awesome European/International handling I feel very inspired and going to be improving my handling style even further. Take more risks, run more stylishly - i live in hope;-)

The Video is of a nice run that Wings and Marc did this year.

Then the old learning curve. Having read my posting about being tired and making excuses/or reality take your pick. I thought I have forgotten a crucial part of Lanny Bassham's book when he talks about an event where it was bone chillin' cold and stuff and how he overcome it. That got me thinking was the motivation to win an overrider of the over conditions? It would seem so. And then I had to give myself a talking too, as it is so easy to slip into 'bad' mental habits. Gosh I wish I had a coach for agility, but I will have to make do with myself. And that made me think even more that next year I need to have some very focused goals that I want to achieve both for training and competition.

Yep summer is over the rain has come and that means no training tonight :-( our club is only indoors from Oct to March and it is so wet and yucky. Oh frustrating or what as now with other stuff more settled I am really getting into training, not just for my dogs but think I would be ready to tread my toes in the water and start training others again. With the knowledge I have gained this year...agility seems more exciting than ever.

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