Sunday, 5 September 2010

Weeheeee...Bigs and Marc off to Olympia

Well, weeehhheeeeeeeeeeee indeedy!!! Mister Big's first agility season  has showed no signs of letting up. On Friday just gone him and Marc went and qualified for Olympia.  Last weekend at Northern Week Big qualified for his first champ final,  it was also his first champ class. We went just for the weekend and very nice it was too. This is Big's and Marc Agility Champ run. And for me it was great to see Marc back in Champ after having to retire Raz from agility.

It was good to watch the olympia semis, finally at last I was excited about it and getting why people were excited. The revamped organisation of qualifying dates and how it is run is now so much better. It gives a specific dedicated weekend for the semi qualifiers so diary planning is so much easier.  It is tough even watching, as people so wanna do it. I was willing everyone round. I do make a good cheerleader, even if i say so myself ;-) So I was the perfect wife and gave up a day of agility to go and support Marc and Big's and what a great result.

But with a weekend at home, I am conflicted -  luv being at home, got loads done in the garden but heck I wanna be doing agility.

Dixie and Rivi. Still Rivi looking the Seriousoli.The DixieLicks needs to grow some more we hope!

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