Thursday, 28 October 2010

Evolving in Agility....

One of the great things with agility is the training element and the discussions that go with it. In one particular conversation it was about stagnating and how to progress/develop or if you like how to evolve. To me one of the biggest realisations I had with agility is that people who improve seem to:
1] take responsibility for improving their self
2] take responsibility for theirs and their partners performance
3] develop a way of training and being that suits them
4] share knowledge and learning to develop skills
5] are inquisitive enough to develop their skills and knowledge and apply it effectively

Then I also think from personal experience:
a] be strong enough to work through the 'slumpy/hitting the sh.t' times and still smile and be an awesome team mate to their four legged partner.
b] making the decision to develop yourself and even though it may be daunting to have the determination to follow it through and develop a sense of belief
c] retain sense of humour as the video shows below. Totally my fault and still makes me laugh. Always in agility it keeps you level headed, how can it not with moments like this?

d] your dog is invariably right if they go off course!
e] time together = quality and togetherness
f] knowing that the agility is a bonus

Whilst there is I guess always some people that you will attribute to your personal growth, and it is fantastic that I have had and continue to have the good fortune to meet those people that have assisted me on the agility journey or any other journey for that matter.

But ultimately the growth of measurable improvement also has to come from within. hmmm heavy stuff, but ultimately for me its true.
 Wynne Freedom :-) 2010

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