Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Inspired.....and lots of thoughts....

Having watched the FCI World Agility Championships - courtesy of Agility Vision I am feeling so inspired. I have a couple of new moves I want to train over the winter, as demonstrated by Jenny Dam and a few other competitors. The only way I can describe it is a flick forward and turn. I will video my practice over the winter and post it. It does seem to save time and put your partner on a nice flowing arc. Congratulations to all at the event and the winners, there was some totally awesome handling and partnerships on display. I was clapping and cheering and occassionally tutting at the screen, bizzare really, but at that level its impossible to watch it unmoved.

This winter will see us having to keep a programme of winter training more structured due to Bigs going to Olympia. The video is of one of Marc's and Big's last agility runs of the 2010 season. What a great season it has been for them.

I think agility is in danger of becoming a 12 month cyle!!!!!!!!!!! Marc has ordered a new a-f, which I desperately as Rivi has now spooked at the Green and Yellow, narrow a-fs too many times for it to be co-incidental! It is useful keeping a journal as that is how I worked out what was happening.  Hopefully by doing it once a week and banging in a big reward this 'blip' will vanished for next year.  I hope it arrives soon...as we have not had one since last year!

Then daydreaming: I wished we were like America and could work towards titles like the ADCH and MACH.  I wish we were like the FCI Agility World Championships and did our Championship Tests over two rounds too. But these are 'icing on the cake' wishes.

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