Thursday, 28 October 2010

Evolving in Agility....

One of the great things with agility is the training element and the discussions that go with it. In one particular conversation it was about stagnating and how to progress/develop or if you like how to evolve. To me one of the biggest realisations I had with agility is that people who improve seem to:
1] take responsibility for improving their self
2] take responsibility for theirs and their partners performance
3] develop a way of training and being that suits them
4] share knowledge and learning to develop skills
5] are inquisitive enough to develop their skills and knowledge and apply it effectively

Then I also think from personal experience:
a] be strong enough to work through the 'slumpy/hitting the sh.t' times and still smile and be an awesome team mate to their four legged partner.
b] making the decision to develop yourself and even though it may be daunting to have the determination to follow it through and develop a sense of belief
c] retain sense of humour as the video shows below. Totally my fault and still makes me laugh. Always in agility it keeps you level headed, how can it not with moments like this?

d] your dog is invariably right if they go off course!
e] time together = quality and togetherness
f] knowing that the agility is a bonus

Whilst there is I guess always some people that you will attribute to your personal growth, and it is fantastic that I have had and continue to have the good fortune to meet those people that have assisted me on the agility journey or any other journey for that matter.

But ultimately the growth of measurable improvement also has to come from within. hmmm heavy stuff, but ultimately for me its true.
 Wynne Freedom :-) 2010

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Pride and joy and..... mowers….

What do you know? Well now you know me and the Rivioli, are just not born posers, unlike Zev who really does photograph handsomely and easily. Do you know how hard it is to get a photo with both Rivi and I having our eyes open at the same time, let alone looking in the same direction?!!!!.. Then there is the botheration of shadows and all manner of things. The photo was originally be taken to show some of their rosettes from the 2010 season (as they had over 30 wins between them). But we we did not get them all in. But heck the most important thing in the photos is the guys and from the way I am looking I am guessing it is pretty damm obvious that they are my pride and joy :-)

The first time on the mower - Oct 10

Then the other busyness of the weekend the girl’s toy arrived a whizzy mower, Marc managed to get one second hand. Initially I was quite nervous, riding it, but the time it saved was amazing as was the ease of collection of cut grass and as a bonus it collected the fallen leaves too. Grass cutting time reduced from a day and half to 2 hours and I am not even proficient in it yet. Happy days….more time to do what I really want…and saved from the relentless grind of time consuming grass cutting, which after having a astro turf garden has been a bit of a surprise.

And the Mister Big,  is great at posing too...
Mister Big - Oct 10

Thursday, 14 October 2010

End of the Season

I am so chuff with how our guys have progress over the season, both as individual characters and as agility partners. Zev,  is just impossibly perfect for me and so knows how to press my buttons. Rivi is as I say is my 'one and only'.

I think Zev and I have had to grow far more in the ‘public’ spotlight so to speak. This video I really enjoy as it is a good example of how much more he is ready to work ahead of me and is getting more experience and determined about the agility game.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Inspired.....and lots of thoughts....

Having watched the FCI World Agility Championships - courtesy of Agility Vision I am feeling so inspired. I have a couple of new moves I want to train over the winter, as demonstrated by Jenny Dam and a few other competitors. The only way I can describe it is a flick forward and turn. I will video my practice over the winter and post it. It does seem to save time and put your partner on a nice flowing arc. Congratulations to all at the event and the winners, there was some totally awesome handling and partnerships on display. I was clapping and cheering and occassionally tutting at the screen, bizzare really, but at that level its impossible to watch it unmoved.

This winter will see us having to keep a programme of winter training more structured due to Bigs going to Olympia. The video is of one of Marc's and Big's last agility runs of the 2010 season. What a great season it has been for them.

I think agility is in danger of becoming a 12 month cyle!!!!!!!!!!! Marc has ordered a new a-f, which I desperately as Rivi has now spooked at the Green and Yellow, narrow a-fs too many times for it to be co-incidental! It is useful keeping a journal as that is how I worked out what was happening.  Hopefully by doing it once a week and banging in a big reward this 'blip' will vanished for next year.  I hope it arrives we have not had one since last year!

Then daydreaming: I wished we were like America and could work towards titles like the ADCH and MACH.  I wish we were like the FCI Agility World Championships and did our Championship Tests over two rounds too. But these are 'icing on the cake' wishes.