Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Zevman @ Hinckley 2012

Zev June 2012
I was so looking forward to this weekend, it was my first weekend free of assignments. However I was not in a good head space...there is still a couple of things that I need to resolve and whilst they can be resolvable in time, they just cannot be resolved as quickly as I want them to. Which is frustrating...and despite me telling my mind to dismiss the thoughts...they just kept popping back up..not 'doubting thomas' thoughts just frustration at a situation that is taking time to resolve.

I crashed the champ jumping, Zev was annoyed and we were just so out of tune, out of sync my wobbly day just got wobblier.  Still onwards and forwards, headspace getting better and Monday was tournament day and we came 4th in the jumping and 1st in the Agility and that meant we won the  medium tournament on the day. I was so surprised and obviously so very pleased.

Zev has such heart in what ever he does whether it is playing, agilitying or even telling me his opinion on things, which he certainly did on Saturday!

How lucky am I....to have such a terrific sheltie?

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