Sunday, 16 September 2012

Zev qualifies for the Medium Pro Plan Finals 2012

The last key show of the year for Zev and Me, was Prestbury and I was thrilled that we qualified for the Pro-Plan Finals by winning the medium qualifier. It was nail biting, as we ran first, we went in to do our best, but in agility it is never over until the last team has run. The focus as always was about doing the best run we can.

I was already going to the finals as Marc's groom and this was my second  and last chance to attempt to qualify Zev, and I go wanted us to go in our own right. There's the run..

This sheltie of mine, has been so awesome all this year, he has so much attitude and we have so come on as a team. The difference in our performances from last year to this year is huge in many respects. The ride with him, just keeps on getting more exciting.

As Marc said earlier in the year, we have transitioned from an 'if' you to do it team to a 'when' you do it team.

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