Sunday, 24 February 2013

All about love and life..

Valentine week saw my beloved Nuts turn 13, it is a continued source of joy that he still with us. Then I think of the luck and work that Marc and I are still together since we met 20 odd years ago.
Love is a transient thing it could last a day or a lifetime. That is the scary thing I guess it can make you feel 'top of the world' high or when broken 'the lowest of the low'.
The truth is no one knows why love happens as it does.  That gives it both strength and also fragility. The same is true of life spans, why some live long and for others it seems as if they were robbed of time.

Another joy of the Valentine week is Bear has joined our family. This puppy search has been long and hard, and I have had a few disappointments on the way. Even grief as one pup I really longed for died at just 10 hours old.  I lighted a candle for him and cried as so many dreams and hopes seemed to wither at this point.   I thought of giving up but friends rallied and a through a journey of unexpected turns I found Bear.

As soon as I saw his photo I knew, as soon as I met him I knew and most importantly he liked me.  It was instant and it would seem I am an instant kinda gal. What relief, what joy. The cliche of life being a journey so true in this case and so we are joined by a much loved and long wanted addition :)

Bear in action, playing and having a chew... puppy time


  1. Well he's a bit cute!! I'm sure Deedee would like to meet him when he's a bit bigger...Happy puppy times ahead. You and Marc have been together about the same time as we have. Like you I am aware of the work and effort that goes into it all, and also the sense of easy companionship that is the result x

  2. Bear is absolutely gorgeous!! You will have so much fun with him :)x

  3. Ah sweet Bear Puppy - look forward to meeting him x