Thursday, 19 February 2009

Indiana Jones and the quest for knowledge

Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull - what has that got to do with agility training? Its Indiana's insight at the end of the film. The aliens were not searching for gold, to them their treasure that they sought was knowledge. I was like 'bingo' that is so utterly true, without knowledge and the ability to use that knowledge where would we be with dog training? If Karen Pryor had not had the foresight and wisdom to find a method of reward marking behaviours, and publish it in a way so that it came available in the general public domain. On Monday night I free shaped the tyre with Zev, using a clicker as a marker. The speed in which he did this was brilliant, and you know I had a fantastic time, we both really enjoyed the session. Then there was a really powerful reminder on Susan Garrett's new 2 x 2 DVD, about building the 'want' to do. The value the dog places on the activity it is doing with you, it is so important. I know Zev, will have that value and 'want' channelled in the best way that I can. Thank you Susan, for this very salient reminder. Why is it salient to me? - because I want my dogs to 'relish' their time with me whether we are training, relaxing, having a 'riot' or chilling on the sofa. So be on a quest for knowledge, as it is the most useful treasure along with love to have.

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