Thursday, 12 February 2009

Nutsey's 9th Birthday - photos in honour

This is for Nuts, a dog that I am so proud to have partnered and share my life with, we have a fantastic time. I was so gutted when he had to retire from Agility at 7 and half years old and realised his indomitable enthusiasm for working with me also meant that obedience could not be an option either. What I am truly grateful for is the Vet who guided me to get Nuts back to be so fit and well, you would never know if you met him he has osteo arthritis in his elbows. And we can enjoy lifes journey today, knowing he is OK. The decision to retire him was easy in terms of benefit to his health, the decision in terms of agility meant I cried, due to knowing the sheer joy of running him was never going to be experienced again. In some ways daft I know, but to me running in agility is not just running the course, it is about stepping up along side a dog that has given so much in so many ways. Thanks Nuts, and Happy Birthday.


  1. Happy birthday to the gorgeous, handsome and truly wonderful Nuts.

    With love from
    Nancy, Andy & the Hudsondoglets, especially Pops xxx

  2. It is not daft; the joy of stepping to the line with a great dog is not about the wins it is all about the love. Hopefully Zev and Rivi are helping to fill that void.xxoo

  3. Thank you and absolutely and they totally do x

  4. Belated happy birthday Nuts he is such a lovely boy :-) x