Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Burridge 2009

Well the great thing at Burridge, apart from catching up with the old club, there was two whole days of sunshine! But the icing on the cake was Caroline and Tide winning the grade 1-2 agility on Sunday, which now makes them grade 2. Tidey is rather special as he has taken Caroline from Novice to Champ level in Obedience and now at 9 and half years old, he thought he would start being a bit flash at agility too. Not bad for a 'coffee' table ;-) I was so thrilled to witness the occasion. I think it would be fair to say we have seen each other grow in the dog sports that we have come to love. We have supported each other in the ups and downs of life, and by heck it is so great to see the moments of triumph. Then a woohooo to...as Marc and the Razman qualified for the semis.

I was thrilled with me and Rivi too, jumping only vid as the autofocus was playing up. Which is a bugger, as I was so so pleased with some of the handling I did and with Rivi following the cues. We had good places every day. All that positive mental imaging paying off very nicely. Sunday, was totally exciting for me, as at last her beautiful running a-f that I have in training, started to show a glimmer of coming through. (Armed with the Rachel Saunders DVD, Silvia Trkman website and you tube vids of running a-fs, I have tried to sort it out in my head and help Rivi.) The progression in training has been really good, and it has been a learning curve for me. I have to believe that the behaviour will transfer over to the ring. Once that happens the seconds we are losing on our agility courses, will be gone. On Friday we lost 5 seconds on the descent of the a-f and she came 6th. Working all this out, I was jumping around with excitement, we have kapow'ed the courses, had a great time and Rivi was jumping so well, she had some lovely compliments. I can't wait to get the Susan Salo Advanced Jumping DVD, as the foundation one has been a great help.

Then Zev, who I have tried to rest, as he recently had the 'snip', was not impressed with the resting element at all. But he did have a chance to catch up with his beautiful sister Zeki, whilst me and Nancy watched some of the agility. The two Z's are so alike in their characters its rather uncanny and they are both so incredibly endearing.

Oh yes, lots of icing on the cake for sure :-)


  1. Wow! That was a gorgeous run!

  2. Thank you, Rivi is certainly living up to her nickname Superoli ;-)

  3. Rivi is such a good girl - very graceful to watch :) x