Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Darling!!!! Happy Birthday

What can I say, I blame dogs in need agility show entirely. This show has been the reminder for me, when Marc's birthday is. As Marc's birthday always occurs whilst it is on. I am crap with birthdays dates, brilliant at presents, but can never guarantee you get them on time. Marc's birthday falls on the glorious 12th. Not so glorious for pheasants, but that is another issue altogether, but hey at least they had a good time until the 12th. I digress, back to the issue of Marc's birthday. Now the 12th usually occurs when DIN is on, we are always going to this show, so I hide presents in the caravan. Do you have any idea how hard that is, hiding presents in the caravan? But each year I successfully do it, or perhaps Marc indulges me?

Well today, I brought said presents, wrapped them up, went to phone a couple of people to make plans and thought I had best check which day the 12th actually falls on next week. There I was smuggly feeling very organised. Then calamity, the calendar said it was today. Friggin' today!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today, of all days. So now I feel totally crap, my planning and hiding for next week, has all been in vain. My good intentions well and truely useless. How will I ever be the perfect wife? Even worse Marc went to work with no pressies or celebrations. Hence this lament............

Darling, we sorry
We have presents and food and drink awaiting
The guys have spent all their pocket money and so have I
We did not forget
We had it planned
Then that darned calendar screwed us around
So I am totally contrite and apologise much
We will celebrate tonight
Happy Birthday, Darling
And love you always xxx