Monday, 1 March 2010

The Champ is Gone....

Crappy I learnt the Champ has had to leave us. I can’t believe that she is gone, just 3 weeks shy of 16. She was the champ both in agility and as a dog to live with. She started Lesley's association with the renown Waggerland line of Mike Snows and are the foundation to Lesley's own Nedlo breeding. So Loobie, who to me she was simply the Champ and that is what I called her. When I started out in agility watching Lesley and Loobie work was amazing, she was the first large UK Agility Champion and Peter Lewis sums it up

Lesley Olden does it again by winning the Pedigree Agility Stakes with her Working Sheepdog Waggerland Whoosh of Nedlo just prior to Christmas at the Olympia Horse Show. This is Lesley's fourth win at this famous and prestigious final and the second for her bitch she calls Loobie.

Well I could not write that any better than Peter, Lesley and Loobie won so much and in style. I am fortunate that I got to know the Champ away from the agility arena too, and she was just so sorted, so nice to have around and fun to play with and in her twilight years I would take her for a bimble around the farm. Visiting these last few times has been extraordinarily hard, as we never knew if it was going to be the last time we would see her. I think at this point it is all I can write, but I just wanted to pay tribute to one of the most fantastic dogs I have been privileged to meet. And who without a doubt should be remembered as an Agility Legend.

Loobie your the Champ, and we will miss you beautiful girl.


  1. Well put Christine. She was a superstar at agility and a lovely dog as well. Without doubt a true champion and certainly one of the best agility dogs we've ever seen in our isles. I cried when I heard from Lesley, another beautiful dog gone to Rainbow Bridge.

  2. Yes I heard too and I had a little cry.I never saw Loobie run (not been around long enough) but Lesley has often talked about her and her clever ways and I have met her once or twice in her old age.I do know how much it hurts to have to let them go when they are loved so much. She will be grateful you have written about Loobie Christine, a lovely thought.