Sunday, 25 July 2010

July - a year on.....Phew!

Play Fest - The guys have a complete 'riot' in the garden.
And its corny to say but a joy to watch.
July - a year on. Last July was when I made the decision life had to change and to change direction it included quitting my job to get things back on track. It has been a scary few months, well 10 months its was what it took to achieve and in that time the following has occurred.
  • New job - back in human resources and so far so good
  • New home -  great - stacks to do but we knew it would be a long term project
  • The guys doing good, Raz does cause us a worry but on the whole its good.
  •  Zev's progress from the start of the season to now. We have been through some upward gear changes and some blips as sometimes he just seems to go to fast for his brain. He is now nicknamed the bionic sheltie at club ha ha and yep I really have to run and push us both. But ultimately it is really satisfying and oh so fun. His other nicknames are 'Sir Snobalot' as he only interested in others when they have food otherwise he gives people a rather disdainful look and 'Turbo Womble'.
  • Rivi - bummer that with a rip roaring start we have missed almost two months of the agility season.  However she herself is doing great and today we did some Salo puppy foundation stuff today to refresh basics as we start our way back to agility
  • Big. What can I say. He is truly irrepressible and now at training really starting to open up and that is starting to transfer into the agility competitions.
  • Dixie in season. And just started the Salo puppy foundation - and cool. Must video as very effortless, with the others you can see the learning progress and therefore can see the learning. With Dixie it is just effortless!!!
Joe Boy
Sometimes change is good and sometimes it is good to 'go for it'. Yep things can be scary, but better than the alternative of being not happy and not making an effort to change things.

Well another weekend at home. Missing doing the agility competing. Missed doing Weardale however it was so great to see Mum and Dad who came up for the weekend. Been too too long. Marc and Dad beavered away and I now have two compost bins and loads more clearing done in the garden. Had cheesecake - naughty but very nice and not a creamy cheesecake but puff pastry and icing and coconut - total sugar fix :-). No one seems to make cakes like Gilberts Bakery. That is missing from the Midlands..oh well.We also had Joe come and stay while Alan and Jackie compete at the Agility European Open. Joe is rather old and had a stroke earlier in the year so not easy at all. But he a fantastic dog and it is rather sad, he is at this stage of life. However he seems to have enjoyed himself and followed Marc and Dad up and down whilst they mowed the lawn.
The beginning of the compost bins

Gilberts Bakery - Cheesecake - totally yummy

Zev in his garden 'den' - chomping on his dog biscuit

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